Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Inspiration and a Great Google Search Result

 Cooking for me has always been such a huge part of my childhood, I have so many beautiful memories of family and sharing meals. In later years, I found two extended members of my partially imaginary family – the Two Fat Ladies. The late Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson are two of the most inspirational cooks to date. Although they received a lot of criticism within the media for their weight, political correctness and culinary indulgence, I think a lot of people were missing the point and can agree that it is most definitely not for the light hearted.

No one can deny the value behind rich, over the top, artery clogging, decadent food, these ladies just took it to the next level. Behind every recipe was a story, an origin, a comic value and behind every meal was a table of unsuspected  niche group sort out by the women to cook for. I am a big boy at heart I think  - everything that they cook screams heart attack and there’s nothing better than having what you know you shouldn’t, at least in moderation.

‘Never trust a skinny cook’
‘Most vegetarians relapse on bacon, you know’

A lot of my recipe ideas come from this idea of decadence and the ‘no shame’ attitude Jennifer and Clarissa both had. Rarer, richer and robust. A lot of the recipes they cooked are niche and bordering on extinction so recreating an inspiration for the blog has really helped with the value it holds within the ‘blog world’.  After just short of 10 months of blogging, 39% of my recipes now hold top places within Google’s organic search. Admittedly  some of my recipes aren't very suspecting or common, but they still take the top of the board for what they are worth. I always grappled with the idea of ‘blogging’ but more than anything, it’s been really rewarding to actually achieve something that was inspired so much by my past. 

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