Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pancetta and Panko Midnight Trail

Late night on the job trail and I needed carbs. A really quick pasta throwing together everything I had left in my kitchen. I was hungry, so this served for one only, but it would be a great accompaniment to a meat main for two.

Serves two

Rigatoni pasta
½ cup diced pancetta
½ small onion diced
1/3 cup panko bread crumbs
¼   cup walnuts
3 tbps olive oil
1 garlic clove
Cumin, salt and pepper to taste

Start by frying the onions and smashed garlic in olive oil. In separate pan, boil pasta. Soon follow with pancetta frying until brown. This is the ideal time to flavour the meal with cumin, salt and pepper. Quickly ad d panko breadcrumbs, stir and remove from heat after a minute. The excess oils will be taken up by the breadcrumbs, leaving everything rich and crunchy. Combine with pasta and finish with walnuts.


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