Monday, April 1, 2013

Google Really 'Nose' All

In Google's latest April Fools' pranks, the media giant engages, brands and showcases its influence to the world. 

 It was 12am this morning and I was in bed with my IPhone pressed to my nose trying to pick up nodes of ‘wet dog’ from Google’s new Google Nose Beta, offering searchers the chance to engage yet another sense. Maybe my IPhone 4 wasn't compatible? Or maybe I got PUNKED by Google. It was ridiculous but pretty funny. Google has yet again found a universal way of engaging everyone around the world in its latest April Fools’ buzz pranks.

Google really has proven itself, now more so than ever as a global giant with seamless reach to everyone, everywhere. Their latest pranks are a true testament to their ability to break down cultural barriers; Google is a world currency, an internet lingua franca. In a wide reaching list of pranks, everyone got involved.

Google Maps Treasure Mode, ‘Youtube’s ready to select a winner’ contest, Google +Emotion, Gmail Blue, Google Analytics Space Station visits, Google SCHMIK, Google Fiber Poles, Google Wallet Mobile ATM, Google Japan Patapata Support.

What a list! I take my hat off to Google for really taking the extra mile to engage everyone. I really want to stress that the company has also shown how ‘social’ they are and also how social their many applications are. We are really already starting to redefine the idea of ‘social media’ and what we can classify as ‘social’ online. Google  is continually building up a universal currency of communication between its users and they're having fun with it. The company has been busy brand building and socializing in its global community, indeed. We do see how much influence and power Google has, but I don’t think that’s the point. We live in an increasingly barrier free digital community and Google will be its Monarchy!  We all like to dream big and Google’s helping the world actualize it's dreams in 'Science Fiction gone Real Time'.

Good work Google!  

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